Walmer Town Council Logo Competition

Published: 24 February 2022

In late 2021 Walmer Parish Council changed its style from Walmer Parish Council to Walmer Town Council. This has not meant a change in status, but does reflect the changes within the community since the parish was formed in the 1990's.

Walmer Parish Council had as its logo design a portrait of the Duke of Wellington wearing bicorne hat, which may have reflected things as they were, but does not reflect today's Walmer.

The Council asked for entries from local professional and amateur artists and following a meeting held earlier in the month it has produced 3 renditions of a new logo design, and the Council is now asking for your opinion on each of the three designs.

The new logo will replace the old on future documents and on signs/banners etc, when they fall due for renewal, this way expenditure will be minimised and purposeful.

Walmer Town council would like to thank all those who participated in our logo competition. We had over twenty entries all of which were fantastic.

Walmer Town Councillors have shortlisted 3 designs to go forward one of these will become our new logo.

If you have any comments on the logos please let us know by E-mail to deputyclerk@walmercouncil.co.uk or in writing to Walmer Town Council, 62 The strand, Walmer, Kent, CT14 9 DP